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Organic fruit flavored Sea Moss Juice is a vegan, gluten, cane sugar free beverage from Mossy Situation LLC 😲 With America's obsession over sugary drinks it is ultra refreshing to have a beverage your body will rejoice over 💃. No measurements, no blending, just open and enjoy. A small amount, approx .25 grams of sea moss per container means you can drink multiple delicious bottles daily without risking over consumption! We also offer drinks with 1.5 grams of sea moss, making it easier to consume the daily max dosage of 2 to 3 grams of sea moss twice daily. Sweetened to perfection with Agave, a must try! 10oz containers, shelf life 1 month refrigerated. (Available in 6 or 3 packs) Wholesale is available on this item, and shipping is included in price. *Pick up available on this item only with wholesale and drops price to 185*

Sea Moss Juice

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