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On the Go with Guayo Energy!

It is no secret that life sometimes wears us out with its constant trials and tribulations. Its peaks and valleys, situations that require us to be alert, decisive and precise. All day our brains evaluate and execute millions of functions that may leave us drained, seeking energy even during the midday hour.

With 74% of Americans starting their day off with coffee, another 38 % choosing energy drinks and 18% brewing tea, energy and the pursuit of is a massive undertaking driving a $70 billion dollar per year industry on the coffee side alone!

Well, what is the reason so many people seek energy? I would point to the obvious factors such as diet, sleep patterns, or maybe just a daily grind that slowly taps away at our reserves. Getting the kids ready for school, work, traffic, soccer practice, dinner, homework and repeat. Not to mention on the fly adjustments necessary to navigate the many obstacles that will undoubtably pop up that week. Being the source of entertainment, inspiration and security on top of spending time with Fido all within 24 hours is the work of a caped superhero which we are not.

Even though we are spectacular, totally awesome and capable of all things, the fact of the matter is we tire out and sometimes at the most inopportune moments, like in traffic or before a workout. A study by the Counsil of Responsible Nutrition ran annually since 2000 shows that 80% of Americans use dietary supplements, a 7% increase during 2020-2021 (Based on 2021 survey). This large percentage does not only include those seeking energy, but the supplementation industry as a whole which happens to include energy drinks, energy capsules and supplements such as Guayo Energy by Mossy Situation LLC, client and tested and approved in 2023.

Guarana Seed

Why Guayo? Well before we dive in, Guayo stands for the two herbs Guarana and Yohimbe Bark harmoniously blended in our capsules. Guarana (Paullinia cupana), is native to the Amazonian Basin and is also known as the Brazilian Cocoa or 'Zoom'. Guarana seed or plant extracts can be found in many popular energy drinks sold on shelves today so check that ingredient label!

Guarana seeds are known to have 2 to 3 times more caffeine than a coffee bean which can help boost stamina, increase energy levels, combat physical fatigue, improve mental alertness, and promote a positive mood more effectively. Besides caffeine, guarana is also a rich source of theobromine, paraxantin, vitamins A & C, calcium and potassium which helps maintain overall wellness. Fun fact, guarana comes from 'Warana', the Tupi-Guarani word for," fruit that looks like people's eyes."

Like many other herbs, there are a plethora of other benefits one may unknowingly reap such as weight loss, enhanced cognition, reduced inflammation, anti-aging effects, wound healing, pain relief, bowel health, prevention of hair loss, skin tone enhancement, topical moisturization and its natural aphrodisiac properties. This leaves little to the imagination on why our Certified Master Herbalist chose guarana as one of the star ingredients of the Guayo Energy Capsule.

Guarana is safe to be taken daily however you must monitor caffeine intake from additional sources. Like many things in life to much of a good thing can eventually become harmful. Signs of being overly caffeinated could include insomnia, nervousness, stomach irritation, vomiting and dizziness to name a few. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should stop using our product and reevaluate your caffeine intake.

Yohimbe Bark

There is no 'I' in team, but there is an 'E' in yohimbe. See what I did there, I'm here all-night folks! Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly, some of the most famous duos in Americana, but behold. Guarana Seed and Yohimbe Bark brings you...Guayo Balanced Energy Capsules derived from the needs of our clients adding the forementioned benefits with even more high-octane plant power!

Yohimbe (Corynanthe johimbe), is an evergreen native to Western and Central Africa. Like its counterpart in this blend, Yohimbe may offer its own benefits such as boosted athletic performance, weight loss, diabetic neuropathy support, alleviate angina, to prevent high blood pressure, improve sexual health, improve mental health, help manage stress, help erectile dysfunction and assist in manage diabetes.

Certain extracts of Yohimbe produce high levels of the chemical Yohimbine which could be unsafe if taken daily. These extracts could lead to severe side effects such as irregular heartbeat and heart attack. We use a powdered version of the whole herb (bark), to make an effective and safer product over the more potent extract. Customers should still discontinue use if any cardiovascular discomforts occur.

With safety always in mind when creating a product, daily max doses and herbal blends are taken into great consideration. Guayo Energy can be used up to 3x daily for 90 days with a 3-to-4-week rest before resuming. Best if taken 30 minutes before meals and without any other caffeine products. Guayo Energy is not recommended for pregnant/breastfeeding women or children without direct approval from a doctor. It is advised to take your last capsules 6 to 8 hours before desired bedtime to prevent insomnia.

Mossy Situation LLC and its associates are not doctors so it would be advisable to seek a professional opinion before trying this or any other supplement. Possibly considered safe when taken as directed and not overconsumed.

David La Grenade C.M.H 2023 Mossy Situation LLC

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