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 Mossy Situation LLC has released our one-of-a-kind, Chef and Master Herbalist inspired premium whole ingredient dog food. Our fresh, delicious feed is infused with dog friendly herbs aimed to assist in digestion, reduce inflammation, promote oral health, support skin and healthy coat, maintain weight, boost immunity, promote puppy health, and add valuable nutrients to an already supreme recipe. Our proteins, (chicken, pork, fish and beef) are softly boiled to temperatures that prevent all food born illness' and added to premium ingredients such as brown rice, quinoa, broccoli (known to be anti-cancerous for humans and dogs), carrots, corn, peas, green beans and more for a balanced diet including carbohydrates that give your dog balanced energy. More importantly, Mossed Up Click Premium Dog Food includes bone, tendon, cartilage, organ, gland and muscle meat processed perfectly, not posing a choke risk as your dog satisfies its inner primal beast! Each flavor features different high-performing ingredients including strawberry, sea moss, and the antioxidant superstar's blueberry and cranberry. For dogs with trouble sleeping or with anxiety issues try our 'On Chill', chicken and rice recipe with chamomile, valerian and ashwagandha.

*Pro Tip... Leave meals in cool water for 6-8 hours if frozen, do not microwave! (If multiple bags/containers are purchased, freeze until needed for up to a year!)   BUNDLE PACKAGES are only available in 8lb bags.

Mossed Up Click Premium Dog Food

PriceFrom $42.99
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  • For health and saftey issues there are no returns on this product. Tracking will be sent upon shipping, once handed off to the post office Mossy Situation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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