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Mossy's 3 Day Rule (For the Divinity in You)

For those who believe in Divine Numerology, or the spiritual, magical translation of numbers; then it is no surprise Mossy's three-day rule follows those same principles. Since antiquity our ancestors associated the number 3 with harmony. It was considered "The Number of the Master Builder" whom Christians amongst other faiths regard to as God. It also has connection with the many benefits of relaxation, taking your time, and thinking before speaking or taking action. The Angel Number 3 is associated to divine intervention, guidance as well as direction.

In the eyes of both the ancient and modern numerologist, 3 is considered a perfect number. To be in harmony, several factors must be on one accord for energies to flow harmoniously. It was also the number of wisdom and understanding, as well as time. Past, present, future. The beginning, middle and end, a new beginning; 3 is the number of the divine whom in numerical form represents all birth, life and even death. In Christianity 3 is represented by the Holy Trinity, comprised of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Followers of Christ understand and believe that the 3 entities come together as one to empower and sanctify the believer. 3 (factors) becoming 1 (one accord), in order for energies to flow harmoniously. This is the most perfect, impactful offering to mankind represented by the Angel or Divine Number 3.

The average human with a healthy immune system takes around 10 days to fight off minor infection such as cold, flu, and respiratory infections to name a few. Within the first 3 to 4 days your body has identified the virus and has begun making the antibodies necessary to fight the disease.

In no way am I suggesting that an illness or disease can be cured in 3 days under Mossy's 3 Day Rule, but rather that you should begin to feel some sort of indication that the herbs are taking effect. More energy, a lower blood pressure (if it had previously been high), less inflammation, easier breathing. These are all a few signs that your herbal remedies have begun to release their own magic. For more severe disease or illness, it is paramount to work with your physician along with a Certified Master Herbalist to first make sure the herbs do not interfere with any prescriptions. Secondly, you can gauge your healing using a more exact practice of monitorization through platelet counts, CAT Scans, MRI or any other technique utilized in the medical profession. I never suggest a client to use herbal remedies over prescriptions, but rather to slowly integrate herbs into their daily routine once they have been approved.

Rest, be still and listen to your body. This principle in Mossy's 3 Day Rule aligns with the Angel Numbers principle of relaxation, taking your time, and thinking before speaking or taking action. When beginning an herbal routine pay close attention to how your body reacts. By starting off with a low dose you lessen the chances of having an adverse reaction to the new addition. You can gauge how the herb interacts with the prescribed medication. Do you feel anxious, feel as if your internal temperature has risen, chest tightness, heart palpitations, sweaty hands, trouble sleeping? Any of these signs indicate an issue with your proposed routine and therefore must be adjusted.

Once you have made sure your herbs are safe with a doctor's visit and have begun your journey towards holistic wellness, eternalize these principles. Know that this is no ordinary walk into the wilderness, but rather a guided excursion. One where you are being handheld by God and ancestors who promised not only health, but never to leave nor abandon you. In your meditations during the healing process focus on God and become familiar with His Word. Be confident that just as Aloe vera moisturizes skin and soothes burns, that herbs used to heal internally are doing the exact things they are supposed to be doing on an intercellular level. You are healing under supernatural principles and with time (Ancient Egyptian Calendar depicted above), beginning with Mossy's 3 Day Rule to notice a positive turn in events; your healing is non-negotiable.

How can one loose when the rules of engagement include perfect harmony? With thoughts, speech and action being divine, our very instruction and guidance coming from the "Master Builder". Plants/Herbs have possessed the power of life and death since they received their instruction from God. Their energies flow with the roar of the Niagra due to their divine unity acting all on one accord and therefore are established healers in all past, present and future. There is so much to learn from these beautiful creations both in constituency and life lessons. Be whole family and #VIBEHIGH cause #WellnessLooksGoodOnYa!

Ancestors Approve, Ancestors Rejoice!!

Mossy Situation LLC 2023

David G. La Grenade C.M.H

*Mossy Situation LLC and its associates are not medical professionals and suggest seeing a doctor for any medical condition. Please seek medical advice before using any of the products located on*

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